This…is going to be AWESOME.

Come for a week or weekend and pray on the streets, or let us connect you with a host church to serve in their community!

Jesus Summer is a three-year plan to mobilize the Body of Christ to impact the streets of Chicago. Our mission is to introduce Jesus to the communities in Chicago. We are partnering with most of the largest ministries in the country and the churches in Chicago.

What should we do as the body of Christ in America?

Chicago’s death toll this year is over 561 homicides and the number grows every week. Nowhere is America holding more teenage funerals and having more gun deaths. Period. A small city may lead with 50 shootings, but the life in Chicago is unbearable for its young residents.


In John 13:35 Jesus tells us: “By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” The Body of Christ should show our commitment to Jesus and evangelism by supporting the overwhelmed church in Chicago.Imagine being a pastor in Chicago and your phone rings every so often to hear your usher was killed on the day playground near her house, or the young man from your youth group was shot on his way to church because his uncle fought someone the night before.Can we be committed to doing our Christian duty by caring about this situation on American soil?


A spiritual war is going on in Chicago. Satan is snuffing lives out and the response to the problem is small by government and resources. When you look back over your life and your grandchildren ask did you help during the war days of Chicago, is your response going to be, “I was busy with my own affairs” or “I got involved and we went and did something when very few would.”


We have a lot to offer to solve this problem:

We can offer our presence. If we show up with a 60,000 army for Jesus we can change the land.

We can own the cause. You can be a soldier for the poor. Tell people to come and personally support Jesus Summer. It will cost upwards of $2 million to properly do the mission.

We can give to the mission of Jesus Summer. Take personal responsibility to fight against the killings through prayer, personal involvement and powerful investments of money.

We believe Jesus will show up if the Body of Christ unites for a great reason. We unite for youth unity, worship and prayer. Can we unite to fight a real enemy Satan? Can we stand for a cause that has measurable outcomes? The killings go down and stop. Fight for the poor that may not look like you at all


This is an excellent cause. The media calls Chicago “Chi-Raq” because the killings often exceed the casualty numbers in the heat of the Iraqi War.

Imagine Jesus healing the land in Chicago: it is possible and an excellent work for all to join in on.


  • Gang Truce
  • Media Blitz
  • Large Gatherings
  • 40 Day Street Plan


  • Mission America
  • Youth for Christ
  • Prison Fellowship
  • CRU
  • Luis Palau Associates
  • Next Generation Evangelist
  • Christian Union
  • Pray Chicago
  • Together Chicago
  • Building a Difference


A Host Pastor is a guide who will help guest churches and missions teams to understand the community. The Host Pastor informs the community that guests are coming in to bring blessings to the community. Groups will be under the care of the Host Pastor and in direct communication with a Jesus Summer Coordinator who can problem solve or pull a group to a better match without explaining why. This model works currently all over the world and can work well during Jesus Summer.


The coordinators are senior level staff people with experience in urban ministry. In certain cases they will be Executive Directors of ministries and Pastors who lead leaders. These people will have a lot of experience in handling issues on the field. They will help assist with housing, equipment, communications, reinforcements, emergencies, transportation, and more. This is a make-it-happen person with access to a lot of major channels to move things quickly.


This person galvanizes a group of people that want to go into the mission field of Chicago. This leader also makes informed decisions on who should be on the team. They should avoid bringing a person who they believe God will fix their poor attitude on the trip. The right person is a person of humble demeanor, willing to learn, serve and keep a cool head. A lot of prayer and preparation will go into Jesus Summer and all mission leaders should attend several meeting via phone and one in person meeting with the Jesus Summer team for training. The leader should lead prayer gatherings and trainings with their group. Also they will coordinate the travel and be the point person who communicates with the Jesus Summer Coordinator and Host Pastor.


The board will comprise of respected ministry leaders who will help govern the successful outcome through finances, vision and direction of Jesus Summer. It will comprise of national leaders, local leaders, businessmen and pastors. The list of people must have abilities to lower their ego and cooperate with others to see the great urban areas of Chicago reached with a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural strategy where everyone who cares despite their race or skin color can assist in helping reach lost people with tangible expressions of love and the gospel message.


These are high capacity leaders who are willing to work with other leaders to change the violent culture of the location of most numerical killings in the country Chicago. These must be Jesus people who believe in the power of the gospel as the solution to the problems in the human heart. My best attempt to describe this leader is a Jesus Christ first leader who understands that works complement the gospel, but are not equal with the supernatural work of Jesus Christ. This is critically important and will not be compromised for financial support or fame of a person.


The problems in Chicago should be adopted by most cities in the country. An Investment Leader works to get business leaders, foundations and philanthropist involved with solving violence and proclaiming Jesus in our nation’s most violent city. Jesus Summers board members and finance team will travel to cities to meet with clusters of significant donors to explain the vision and answer any questions connected to how Jesus Summer will flow and work. Investment Leaders should be personally invested in the mission and vision so they carry an authority to get others involved. Investment Leaders are carriers of the vision and will be able to check in with accountants regularly to get updates but not disturbing the accountants daily with unrealistic requests. The board will pick the accountant team to handle finances and will send regular updates of progress biweekly once the investment leaders’ team is formed.


In each mission team’s personal budget, they can determine if they will be hiring an undercover police officer, armed security, or off-duty officers to assist with special events. If a mission team would like to have this kind of security with them for the duration of their mission, it will be a conscience decision made by them and their church, and funded by each group. If Jesus Summer meets all its financial goals, then every major outreach event will have armed security be present at Outreaches approved by Jesus Summer Coordinators. Our country is changing and we are making best decisions to protect our special guests. This topic can be discussed with a Jesus Summer coordinator and no judgment is against any conscientious objector or those that are willing to serve solely under the protection of Jesus Christ and His sovereign will.